Memphis Outlaw Invasion

Straight from his father's outlaw mud-show promotion in Lexington, KY, Lanny Poffo is the next name announced for the Memphis-themed Legends of Wrestling Expansion VIII. Lanny and his brother, Randy Savage, brought "Poffo-mania" to Memphis in 1984 and immediately made their mark in a brutal feud with the Rock 'N' Roll Express - going so

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Wild Eyed Southern Boy

Trained by set-mate Steve Keirn, Tracy Smothers started in Memphis in the mid-80s. Used chiefly as enhancement talent on Saturday mornings, Smothers learned you have to go away to come back, and that's just what he did. A journeyman, if ever there was one, Smothers worked the Mid South and Florida territories but always seems

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England’s Rose and the Ace of EVE

The Princess Diana of British Wrestling, Jetta is joining the Women of the Indies - International Edition expansion set. Jetta is the current reigning Pro-Wrestling EVE champion, having captured the title in a rumble match at Wrestlequeendom 4 in August of 2021. But her journey began at the age of 15 in the Midlands of

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The Fabulous Ones

Everybody wants you when you're Stan Lane and Steve Keirn, the Fabulous Ones! Brought together by the inimitable Jackie Fargo in 1982, Stan and Steve were given main-event attention and rocketed to the top of the Memphis territory in short order. The innovative use of music videos and Fargo's endorsement created all the buzz the

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Vacant Attacks A Rookie Wrestler!

All of a sudden Vacant is wilder and more out of control than ever! Who (or what) has set him off? Because he doesn’t exactly talk, nobody knows why, but Vacant has picked a fight with a rookie FTR wrestler! Who is it and what is Vacant’s problem with him? Vacant is ready to tear

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Full Moon Shining Big and Bright…

Rex and Spot, the Moondogs, are coming to the Legends of Wrestling Expansion VIII! Wild and wooly with shredded jeans and clutching chewed-up bones, the Moondogs were known for their wild and bloody brawling style. They often found themselves at odds with pretty boy babyface teams, and the contrast in looks and styles brought the

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Brickhouse Brown

One of the biggest names of the Memphis territory's latter days, Brickhouse Brown burst on the scene in the late 80s and immediately took the title off the most legendary figure of the territory. He embroiled himself in headline feuds during his time there and found himself at the center of multiple controversial angles. Brown

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The Heart of SHIMMER

Trained by a Hall of Fame talent, Hyan has been making her mark on the independent scene over the past few years. The Houston, Texas native has worked against competitors like Kris Statlander, Kylie Rae, Allysin Kay, and Laynie Luck to become one of the outstanding talents on the scene today. A tour of Japan

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The Universal Heartthrob Comes to Legends!

One of the biggest legends in Memphis Wrestling kicks off the announcements for the upcoming Legends of Wrestling Expansion VIII release. Austin Idol began his career under Dennis McCord before later transitioning to his real name Mike McCord in New York. However, a career-altering plane crash sent him down the path of Idolmania. Reinventing himself

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Russian Dynamite

The Women of the Indies International edition explodes onto the scene with Masha Slamovich as the first announced addition to Filsinger Games' Indies expansion. Masha Slamovich has been a standout talent on the Indies scene for longer than her 23 years belies. Spending a majority of her time in the Northeastern US, Slamovich is no

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