“Playboy” Buddy Rose

Weighing in at 271... excuse me, a slim, trim 217 pounds, "Playboy" Buddy Rose leads the charge for the Pacific Northwest-based 4-pack coming this fall! Rose made an undeniable and indelible mark in the Pacific Northwest territory. He was famous for his brutal and intense feuds with the likes of Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper,

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The Solid Man & The Tiger Man

The son of Irish immigrants, William Muldoon, showed a knack for strength athletics at an early age. Muldoon's strength and conditioning formed the cornerstone of his championship run as World's Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion - a title he never lost. One of the most famous and skilled grapplers of the pioneer era, in his post-retirement years,

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Hall of Fame Birthday

Robert James “Gino” Marella was born June 4, 1937. An amateur wrestling standout, Marella placed second in the 1959 NCAA Wrestling Championships and made his professional debut at the age of 20, billed at 6’7” and nearly 350 pounds. Within 6 years, he had transitioned to the terrible Gorilla Monsoon character – hailing from Manchuria,

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Celebrate With Quarter 2 Indies Prime

Indies Prime Q3 will feature 3 unique talents on the independent scene today and tie into some of the key celebrations in June. Edith Surreal joins the Filsinger Games indies ranks with her Q2 Promoter Prime card! The artist, formerly known as Still Life With Apricots & Pears, has been tearing up the indies with

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Madness Is Coming

#MainEventMonster Madman Fulton is a championship-winning talent looking to make an impact in your fed, promoter! Joining his tag team partner, Ace Austin, this standout talent has had experience with the major companies in North America and main-evented matches across the indies as well. Standing at 6'8" and weighing in at over 300 lbs, Fulton's

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Captain Crossbones Makes His Move!

Captain Crossbones counters the arrival of Pardon with a scary new look and a more powerful version of BLACK SAILS! But there’s a lot more! Pardon has challenged Captain Crossbones to a deadly new special match - the BRYMSTONE BURNING MATCH! Get ready! The exploding ring barbed wire death match officially comes to FTR! But

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Are you ready for the Hot Seat?

A National Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee in 2012, Bill Apter is an immeasurably important figure in the history of professional wrestling. There's a good chance that a little 1/2 page ad in one of his magazines is responsible for many, many Filsinger Games fans. But his influence goes beyond photos and magazines; Apter has

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The Apex of Combat

Drawing comparisons to the hall of fame caliber talent, Bryan Danielson, Lee Moriarty is the innovator of TAIGASTYLE - self-described as using a little bit of everything, whatever works in the moment and basically having no fixed style. While some call wrestling a sport and others consider it an artform, Moriarty asks: why not both?

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The Dream Team Is Complete

Johnny Valiant leads his charges, Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine, to battle in the squared circle. This dominant team held the tag team titles of the biggest company in the land for nearly 8 months and engaged in some of the best tag team action in the Northeast. Their partnership may have only lasted 2

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Our New Podcast the Filsinger Games Roll Up is Live!

This week Filsinger Games launched its first ever official weekly podcast, the Filsinger Games Roll Up! The Roll Up is hosted by Sam Fain of the King of Pro Wrestling Podcast, and the Johnny Rocket of Filsinger Games media.  This podcast will often feature members of the Filsinger Games staff such as Todd Joerchel, Mike

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