“The Chicago Sweetheart,” Missa Kate, is the third name to be announced as a part of the Indies Pro Prime installment coming this summer.

Kate, a 28-year-old Chicago native, began her wrestling career in 2019. She has shown her diversity, winning singles gold and tag team gold in multiple Indies promotions throughout the United States. However, it was during her time in a prominent U.S. Indies promotion where she and Madi Wrenkowski garnered national television exposure, winning that promotion’s Women’s tag team titles on one occasion and holding them for more than six months.

During her career as a professional wrestler, Kate, has wrestled against some of the best in Indies wrestling. During those matches, Kate shows that she is not above bending or even breaking the rules to gain an advantage against her opponents.  Will Missa Kate wrestle join your Indies promotion as a singles wrestler or team up with former partner Madi Wrenkowski to go after your fed’s tag team gold? The choice will be up to you promoters when Missa Kate joins the ranks of Indies Prime 2024!

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