Pat Patterson

Pat Patterson's career began in Quebec in 1958 and saw him travel through Boston, MA, and Portland, OR before arriving in San Francisco, CA, where Patterson's true legend took formation. A top draw in the region for over a decade, Patterson teamed with Ray Stevens as the Blonde Bombers before a turn saw Stevens and

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The Monarch

Jeremy Wyatt is coming to Indies Prime! A 20-year pro, Wyatt brings experience, intensity, and a level of determination that are nearly unmatched when stepping into the squared circle. A fixture on the Midwest indie scene, Wyatt has collected belts in multiple promotions and never backs down from a fight. Notable opponents include Fred Yehi

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The Cannibal

This Charlotte, NC native is a powerhouse wrestler with an impact. Recruited by Tasha Steelz to assist in her war with Kiera Hogan, Evans has been featured on television in this incendiary feud for the past year. Sharing the ring with talent like Jordynne Grace, Mia Yim, and Killer Kelly, this 8-year pro harnesses incredible strength

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Rocky Kernodle is Prime

The brother and tag team partner of Don Kernodle is coming to Legends of Wrestling! Beginning his career in 1981 in the mid-atlantic region, Rocky Kernodle was part of a heated tag team feud that ignited the territory in 1986. In addition to his tag team combo with his brother, Rocky also faced off with

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2022 CAC Honoree Maddison Miles

Maddison Miles coming to us from Norwich, England by way of Halifax, Nova Scotia is the recipient of the 2022 Rising Star Award from the Cauliflower Alley Club. Miles is seven year pro already at the age of 22. This "sensational" talent has a tremendous upside and has already claimed a few titles across the

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Fall 2022 Preorder is Now Available!

The Filsinger Games Fall 2022 game releases are now available for preorder, including the releases of GWF War Games 2093 Reimagined, Women of the Indies 2022 and a Special Edition Card for Brian Blair.  To preorder any item PLEASE GO HERE! Legends of Wrestling fans can pick up a special edition playing card for current

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The Little Blue Dragon

Tootie Lynn is coming to the Best of the Women Indies 2022! The St. Louis native is a trained martial artist with a 1st-degree black belt. The skills she honed in the dojo have also served her well in the ring. Less than five years pro, Lynn has already shared the squared circle with such

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The Kick Demon

Janai Kai is the next name announced for the Best of the Indies Women 2022. With a hard hitting array of kicks at her disposal, Kai’s martial arts background is often on full display in her matches. Only 4 years a pro and already battling back from a broken neck a couple of years ago,

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