The first two wrestlers in Indies Prime 2024 share the experience of wrestling as comedic acts in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, before taking on more serious and vicious gimmicks that have made them top performers in National Indie promotions; they are none other than Simon Gotch and JTG!

Simon Gotch, a 41-year-old, 23-year ring veteran, got his first national exposure wrestling as part of a comedic tag team act in the most well-known worldwide wrestling promotion. While there, Gotch captured tag team goal on one occasion, showing off a wrestling style that mixed a technical mat and throw-based offense with a striking offense that left his opponents reeling. After leaving the promotion that gave him his first national exposure, Gotch moved onto the Indie wrestling scene taking a more serious persona that allowed him to dominate the competition, winning singles gold in several Indie promotions. Most recently, Gotch was seen wrestling on pay per view against fellow Filsinger Games Independent Wrestling star Josh Alexander.

The 39-year-old New York Native, JTG began his career after completing his training in 2002. The 22-year ring veteran, was first exposed to fans as a part of a comedic tag team in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. While there, JTG showed off an all around wrestling style that was highlighted by brawling and power moves. After moving on from the promotion that gave him his greatest exposure, JTG moved onto several prominent Indie promotions throughout the Midwest winning both singles and tag team gold. Finally, in 2020, JTG moved onto another national Indies promotion, where he tagged at times with fellow Filsinger Games Independent Game wrestler, Elijah Burke. Will JTG be a tag wrestler or a singles wrestler in your Indies promotion? Its up to you promoter.

The 3rd card in the first cycle of Indies Prime will be a surprise to game fans.  Indies Prime, Legends Prime and COTG Prime will be mailed along with our cycle 1 main releases.  Promoter Prime 2024, Best Of The Indies 2024, Legends Of Wrestling 2024 4-Pack, and GWF Secret History: Female Warriors are now available for preorder, with games shipping in late March!

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