GWF SECRET HISTORY: FEMALE WARRIORS is a supplemental game edition for the Champions of the Galaxy game universe. It features 9 female wrestlers from different eras of GWF history from the earliest days (2088) to the present. Six game cards will be part of the main set with three more available through Promoter Prime.

Here is the official roster for the main set:

Hale (Titan)
Princess Pain (Royal Court)
All-American Girl (trained by Commander Sam)
Shadowess (Masked Assassins)
Kestrel (AniMen)
Damager (Gladiators)

Promoter Prime:
Galaxia (no affiliation, currently active)
Sarsaparilla the Ice Cream Girl (no affiliation, currently active)
Nakano Takeko (indie card prior to 2139, alternate art)

There it is! Learn some interesting secrets from the long history of the GWF with this incredible new set! SECRET HISTORY begins mailing at the end of March.

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