The final name coming to The Best of The Indies 2024 is the 22-year-old high flying ring technician, Hunter Drake. The self-proclaimed “Heartbreak Carnie,” is an Alabama native who has made a name for himself wrestling in several southern Indies promotions. Drake began his wrestling career in 2019 after being trained by multiple legends in the wrestling business, including Tom Prichard and Ricky Morton. Since his debut, Drake has garnered multiple titles. The cocky and braggadocious Drake, is a three time tag-team champion, and is the current singles champion in a prominent southern Indies wrestling promotion. Known for his high impact offense and scathing and insulting work on the microphone, Drake is a rising star on the Indies wrestling scene and there is no telling how high his star will climb.

Hunter Drake joins Alec Price, “The Thrillbilly” Silas Mason, Francesco Akira, Man Like DeReiss, Leon Slater, Hoodfoot and Daniel Makabe in the Best Of The Indies 2024.  Best Of The Indies 2024, Legends Of Wrestling 2024 4-Pack, and GWF Secret History: Female Warriors are now available for preorder, with games shipping in late March!

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