The SWAT Team, Juicy Finau and Lance Anoi’a, are coming to the Best of the Indies Tag Team 2024 set!  Finau and Anoi’a, the son of the legendary Samu, saw their greatest success as a tag team as members of a top American Indies promotion. The tag team utilizes ring rattling slams, assorted power moves and a brawling style to batter their opponents.  The  SWAT Team held tag team gold one occasion while they appeared many times on national TV.  Both Anoi’a and Finau have had success wrestling as singles wrestlers in multiple Indies promotions across the globe, showing their versatility.

The SWAT Team has also had notable feuds against fellow other Indies tag teams The Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders and Mance Warner) and The Calling (AKIRA and Ricky Shane Page). Whether they chose to renew those rivalries or find a new target in your fed is up to you, promoter!

The SWAT Team joins SAnitY in the Filsinger Games Indies Wrestling game 2024 Best of The Indies: Tag Team set.   Pre-orders for all of our summer releases will start on June 7th!  The new games will have a special prerelease at GalactiCon 35 in Jamestown, NY on June 28-30 and will begin mailing in July to all customers.