Su Yung and Larry Dallas Set to Lead Their Factions in EVOLVE Game!

One of the great parts of any wrestling promotion are the interesting group of wrestlers that come together as a faction. Despite the sportsmanship of the athletes in EVOLVE, some notable factions have emerged that have helped to provide a boost to the wrestlers associated with them. One of the key pieces of a great faction are great managers, and two of them are included in the EVOLVE game.

One of the up and coming factions that is gaining notoriety in EVOLVE is the Premiere Athlete Brand, formed by the Premiere Athlete Anthony Nese. Nese has begun partnering with Trent Barretta and more recently Caleb Konley, but perhaps the true brains behind the expansion of the group is manager SU YUNG. While Su is always at the side of her Athletes, she also is prone to get into the ring herself and take on the best women’s wrestlers who visit the EVOLVE ring.

Another faction with a longer history is the notorious group known as The Scene, headed up by LARRY DALLAS. Dallas is always flanked by gorgeous women, and tries to do what he can to benefit the men he “sponsors” in the EVOLVE ring. Sometimes this may result in a fine, which Dallas is always happy to pay on behalf of his clients. Dallas is always on the look out for new talent that he can introduce to EVOLVE, and further build up the profile of The Scene.

The upcoming EVOLVE Game will start mailing on April 9! Watch for pre-order info coming soon!