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Allie Kat is the Purrfect Addition to the Women of the Indies 2019 Game Edition

The newest addition to the Women of the Indies 2019 8-pack is the top feline wrestler on the indies today, Allie Kat!  Allie Kat has taken on the mannerisms of a cat, which is displayed throughout her matches.  But don’t take her playful demeanor lightly, she is still a talented wrestler and has won her share of scraps.  Allie debuted 3 years ago in Texas, but has recently been making her name across the midwestern and east coast independents.  She has even started showing up as a regular on CHIKARA  and AIW shows.  Allie Kat is sure to scratch and claw her way to the top of the Women’s Indie scene.

Allie Kat joins Xia Brookside in the Women of the Indies 2019 8-Pack.  The set will debut in September alongside the Best of the Indies 2019 8-Pack which features 8 of the top male indie wrestlers in 2019.