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Gladiator Ascension Begins with Debut of PROBATION in Future Shock 2131

Did you expect the Gladiators to stand pat with a galaxy united against them?

Magnus Colby and his team sent “shock” waves through the GWF when Future Shock debuted in 2130,  and one of their main goals is to defeat the Gladiators. In 2131, the Aethran Overmaster is ready to fight back.

The Gladiator team suddenly disappeared from the GWF and returned to Aethra  at the end of 2130.  When they returned, it was clear changes had been made. The Overmaster has recruited some new blood…young fighting machines to battle their many enemies in the GWF.

The Aethran Overmaster is introducing the WINDs of War to the GWF. What does that mean?

One of the newcomers is PROBATION, a behemoth that has special motivation to succeed in the GWF. One of his finishers, DESPERATION MEASURES, is like nothing else in GWF history. Add to that NO SURRENDER and AETHRAN HONOR and you’ve got the makings of a new Gladiator legend!

But can he survive? Why is Probation a desperate man? You’ll be shocked at the answer.

Probation is one of 4 wrestlers in the GLADIATOR ASCENSION mini-pack, joining GWF UPHEAVAL (which was introduced last week). There’s still one mini-pack to go…

You can order FUTURE SHOCK 2131 by going here. Games are mailed in the order we receive them, so order now! The continuing saga of FUTURE SHOCK awaits you!

Bow Down! The Kingdom Coming to Ring of Honor Game!

Adam Cole, Mike Bennett, and Maria Kanellis shocked the world when Matt Taven surprised Ring of Honor fans and wrestlers alike and returned as a member of The Kingdom.

Well, now those three comprise a group that has pretty much every tool needed to become the most dominant force in Ring of Honor history! None of these individuals are strangers to titles and every champion in your ROH fed is now on notice. Get the new Mike Bennett with Maria and Matt Taven playing cards as part of this summer’s CELEBRATION OF HONOR, and play like a king!

The 2 CELEBRATION OF HONOR game packs are ready to order! Go here to place your order and make sure to save money by getting the package deal for both safe online viagra packs! The game starts mailing on July 24, so get your order in early because orders are mailed out

in the order we receive them!

“Moose” Ojinnaka vs. Eddie Kingston Coming to Geek Fest Saturday Show!

It’s on! The coolest new wrestling pop culture event of the summer just got better.

Wrestling Geek Fest is coming on August 14-16 in Strongsville, OH. In addition to Filsinger Games tournaments, Standup Comedy and great panel discussions, there will be live wrestling action throughout the weekend.

Absolute Intense Wrestling presents Battle of the Sexes, an Inter-gender showdown between some of the best male and female wrestlers in the promotion.  The AIW show takes place Friday Night 8/14 at 7PM.

On Saturday Night, Wrestling Geek Fest presents the Saturday Night Spectacular, a collection of the best wrestling from a variety of exciting styles.  In one of the main events, Ring of Honor standout and former NFL Lineman Quinn “Moose” Ojinnaka will take on former Chikara Grand Champion “The last of a Dying Breed” Eddie Kingston.  That will be a slobberknocker not to miss!

In addition we are proud to announce the following guests for the Saturday Night Spectacular, and will announce matches for them in the coming weeks:

Dalton Castle – The flamboyant Ring of Honor star will bring his peacock style to the cenvention in search of some new “boys.”

Mia Yim – The talented women’s wrestler also known as Jade in TNA.

The Nation of Intoxication – Danny Havoc, Lucky Thurteen and Devon Moore will bring their hardcore style they are known for in CZW to Ohio.

Tickets are available now for both the AIW show and WGF Saturday Night Spectacular, as well as for all the other events going on during the weekend. Go to!tickets/c1r0i to reserve now!

It’s the greatest indie wrestling pop culture event of the year! See you at Wrestling Geek Fest!

PSI Heralds GWF Upheaval in Future Shock 2131!

Welcome to the first Champions of the Galaxy sneak preview in two years!

Last year’s FUTURE SHOCK 2130 was clouded in secrecy and 2131 will be also, but maybe a little less.

And don’t look now, but you’re surrounded! PSI is making a bold move in FUTURE SHOCK 2131 as he bolts from the FDF to a new team—a daring new team called DOOM. PSI’s powers are growing and developing as demonstrated by his new move, Mind Sweep. Can GWF wrestlers defend themselves against it?

But why is PSI going off the deep end and leaving his former partner, HelSin? And who is the leader of DOOM? The answers are coming when FUTURE SHOCK 2131 is released on July 24!

FUTURE SHOCK 2131 will feature 12 cards with three main themes (4 cards each). PSI will be part of a mini-pack called  GWF UPHEAVAL. Who else is in this mini-pack? What other upheavals are on the way?

Keep watching, we may be in a generous mood and share more sneak previews in the weeks ahead!


Young Bucks Host Superkick Party This Summer in ROH Pack!

The hottest tag team in wrestling is

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getting one of the hottest game updates of all time!

The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) will join the roster of CELEBRATION OF HONOR with an incredible new look and changing game stats that will take them straight to the top of the tag ranks in your Ring of Honor game federation!

Will you team the Young Bucks with A.J. Styles and start your own main event

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faction? Your tag team division is now officially on notice! The Young Bucks have never looked better and they’re hosting a superkick party at the end of July and YOU’RE invited!

The CELEBRATION OF HONOR 6-packs begin mailing on July 24. One is focused on singles stars and the other on tag teams! The Young Bucks will join the tag roster with more announcements still to come—so keep watching!

It’s too sweet!

All Hail Sabin as He Arrives in Ring of Honor!

Chris Sabin is back in Ring of Honor, and this summer he arrives in the ROH wrestling game! With Christopher Daniels and Kazarian by his side, is it now Sabin’s time to become the ROH Heavyweight Champion in your game fed? The Knights of the Rising Dawn have made their mission clear. They are not happy with the regime in place. They have informed ROH that with their help, the current regime will be overthrown and replaced with the athletes that they believe deserve to hold the championships! The Knights of the Rising Dawn are the past returning to present Ring of Honor with a better future. Can your ROH fed stand the heat when Chris Sabin leads the Knights of the Rising Dawn against your champions? You’ll find out when CELEBRATION OF HONOR game

packs are released on July 24!    

Donovan Dijak Stands Tall in New Ring of Honor Game!

Look out, a big man is going to turn ROH upsidedown! Standing 6′ 7″ and weighing 270 pounds, Donovan Dijak appears to be the prototype for the future of professional wrestling. The giant Donovan Dijak is the reigning 2015 Top

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Prospect Tournament winner, and stands tall as the pride and joy of Truth Martini’s House of Truth! The sky is the limit for the monster Donovan Dijak in your ROH fed beginning this summer! Keep watching for more sneak previews and start counting the days— 2 Ring of Honor game packs start mailing on July 24!

Adam Page and the Decade Will Make Their Mark in ROH Game!

Adam Page has everything you would want in a blue chip prospect. Trained by the legendary “Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant,

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Page broke into wrestling in 2008. Through hard work and determination, he earned himself an invitation from ROH to take part in the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament and earned the respect of the ROH fans. After years of paying his dues, Adam Page celebrates as an esteemed member of the Ring of Honor faction, the Decade! No longer just a prospect, it is fair to say Adam Page has a future as a main event superstar in your Ring of Honor game fed! Two game packs called CELEBRATION OF HONOR (one focuses on singles stars and the other is a tag team pack) will rock YOUR ROH fed when they are released on July 24. Get psyched…this summer is going to be hot!

Dalton Castle Will Bring Spectacle to Upcoming ROH Packs!

The “Peacock of Professional Wrestling” is here as part of the upcoming CELEBRATION sildenafil 20 mg price OF HONOR game packs! According to sildenafil 20 mg Dalton Castle, he’s the most entertaining man in professional wrestling. Even when average cost of viagra Castle isn’t in the ring, he’s still commanding the attention of his audience as the host of a drive-time radio show! But don’t let the glitz and antics fool you into thinking Dalton Castle isn’t a serious competitor. He is a skilled amateur and NCAA wrestler, whose accomplishments include a New York State Championship in Grecco Roman wrestling, a three viagra générique (sildenafil citrate) 50mg time competitor on an NCAA All-State Team, and he’s even traveled internationally for the World Championships as part of Team USA. This fully rounded athlete arrives with a lot of well-deserved hype, and this summer Dalton Castle is ready to strut his way into your ROH game fed! Keep watching for more sneak previews as we celebrate Ring of Honor this summer with not one, but TWO game packs!

ACH is on the Attack in Upcoming Ring of Honor Game Pack!

ACH has paid the last few years in ROH paying his dues and soon YOU’LL be able to celebrate with an incredible new upgraded playing card featuring ACH as a major singles star! It’s just one more reason to celebrate along with your friends at Filsinger Games with the upcoming Celebration of Honor game packs!

ACH will rock your summer with his improved BIG BANG ATTACK. The Celebration of Honor packs will begin mailing on July 24, so keep booking and playing your Ring of Honor  game promotion because it’s gonna get hotter in late July!