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EVOLVE 4 and Promoter Prime Ready to Order

Two big game editions are available for preorder right now from Filsinger Games!

First up is the incredible 4th edition of the EVOLVE Wrestling game. This set features 8 wrestlers and a digital handbook. Already announced have been Ethan Page, Darby Allin, Peter Kaasa, Jeff Cobb and Jason Kincaid. Add to the list one of the bigger competitors in EVOLVE and the newest signee to the promotion, Keith Lee! This Texas standout has made a big name for himself in the past year and has made an immediate splash in EVOLVE, even beating current champion Zack Sabre, Jr.!

Also available for presale is the 2017 Promoter Prime set. This diverse game edition provides 2 cards each month from the Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling and Independent Wrestling games that Filsinger Games produces. The printed set is available now with the first 3 months worth of characters, with more cards to be sent quarterly (in June, September and December). Subscribers will also get the PDF and Online versions included once available. The first 6 cards include:

January: Scott Taylor, Redd Dogg (Legends)

February: Massage NV (Beyond Wrestling)

March: Pegasus, Mensar (COTG Eternal Champions)

Both game editions will begin mailing by April 7th.

To order the printed version of EVOLVE 4 click here:…/evolve-wrestling…/evolve-4-pack/

To order the printed version of Promoter Prime 2017 click here:…/promoter-prime-2017-w-printed-…/

Keith Lee and Shane Taylor Ready to Run Roughshod on ROH Roster!

The final two names for the Ring of Honor Excellence 8-pack are a tag team that stormed onto the scene in 2016 in a big way, “Limitless” Keith Lee and “Notorious” Shane Taylor. Lee and Taylor, also sometimes known as the Pretty Boy Killers, are two large imposing men. But rather then pick on the smaller teams in ROH, they went after the biggest dogs in the yard in War Machine! The teams traded wins in some brutal matches. It is only a matter of time before this team finds themselves in title contention.

The Ring of Honor Excellence 8-Pack will begin shipping on Decemeber 16th. You can preorder the set now and be the first to get this game edition.

Or order the 2016 Holiday Package and get the ROH Excellence set along with the new Legends color set, and Limited Edition Legends of Wrestling and Champions of the Galaxy cards. It’s sure to be an EXCELLENT Holiday Season!