Tom’s Top Ten Comic Books of the Month

I’ve had more free time lately in the deserts of Arizona for some good old-fashioned escapism and I’m taking advantage! Been reading several books along with a slew of comic books. Here are my top ten comics of the month, feel free to share yours with me on Facebook or twitter. 10. DOCTOR WHO – 12th Doctor #3. The new persnickety doctor (Peter Capaldi) embarks on adventures spanning India (1825), Italy (1505), and Fortress Scindia (2314) and all points in between. Who wouldn’t want to join? This is the weakest of the 3 Doctor Who entries coming up but still a fun read. 9. NEW AVENGERS #28. The scorecard at the beginning gas station viagra lists almost 40 characters by team, so these stories can get pretty crowded and complicated. This title started as an Illuminati vehicle but has morphed into something else. Lots of big universe-spanning stuff. Two-page splash Hulk drawing by Mike Deodato and Mike Perkins is my favorite. 8. BATMAN ’66 #18. Can’t help it, love this retro stuff. Villains the Archer and Bookworm are not my favorites, but the corny Batman TV show dialogue always makes me laugh. Batgirl gets her own solo adventure. 7. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #12. buy cialis saudi arabia Part 4 of Spider-Verse is interesting like all the rest. Big ending (I won’t tell) leaves me eager for more. Fantastic family portrait of the Inheritors on the cover. Some scenes get awfully crowded with spider-people but I guess that comes with the territory. The “Superior” story and now Spider-Verse has brought me back to Spider-Man after many years away. 6. THANOS VS HULK cialis from canada #2. It’s pretty simple, this is a bad ass main event, who could resist? Plus stalwart Jim Starlin writes and draws with his own indomitable style. This one gets pretty cerebral, Bruce Banner and the Hulk have to work together in a mental sphere against Thanos. Almost wrote Thantos there. Would have loved if Thantos did a run-in! 5. DOCTOR WHO – 10th Doctor #5. Continues the story of the Doctor (David Tennant in this book) visiting an art community on Oiuoumos. Some nice observations on the insecurities of many artists and how to overcome them. The look on Gabby’s face when a shapeshifter offers her hand in friendship is worth the price of the book! 4. SILVER SURFER #8. I love Dan Slott and the Allreds. Some people hate this stuff, the art, the stories, the light-hearted tongue-in-cheek banter. I think it’s fantastic. This book is more like Batman ’66 than Avengers of X-Men. And yet it can get pretty deep and serious. Dawn Greenwood discovers for the first time that the Surfer is responsible for the deaths of billions of people and races throughout the galaxies. This is the ultimate “secret” a girlfriend can uncover about her boyfriend! See how she handles it. 3. JOHN CARTER, WARLORD OF MARS #3. First off I’ve always liked the title, very dramatic: “John Carter, Warlord of Mars!” Then it’s created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, a classic writer. Add to that it’s Conan the Barbarian on Mars and there’s nothing quite like it. The writing by Ron Marz is great and so is the art by Abhishek Malsuni. I like the grand scope of the story. If you like books with scantily clad women (make that woman, Dejah Thoris) then this is the book for you. What was weird and surprising to me is #1

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had something like 25 variant covers! #3 has “only” 7. Who buys all these? 2. AVENGERS #40 – This is a continuation of the story in New Avengers #28. What bothers me is these connections between the books aren’t clear, you’ve got to figure it out for yourself. Thanos is front and center on the cover apparently to sell books because he isn’t a key part of the story. This issue settles the Black Panther vs Namor feud in a deadly way and makes T’Challa (and Black Bolt for that matter) seem incredibly vengeful and cruel. Namor, for once, comes off as the more sympathetic character. I’m interested to see where they’re going with all this. 1. DOCTOR WHO – 11th Doctor #6. Everything about this book is amazing. It’s a time travel in reverse story, a one-shot so you don’t have to worry about missing stuff. The pages are numbered starting with “The End” then moving backwards along with the story from page 21 to 1 with Matt Smith trying to fight the tide of time gone awry! The Doctor treats a humorous over-the-top monster subplot with contempt, “You’re a side issue, a B-plot that doesn’t even realize that’s it’s already been resolved.” The cover is simple but has a classic feel. That’s 3 Doctor Who comics in my top ten (Titan Comics). Can you tell I love the show? After that 5 Marvel titles, one DC, and Dynamite (John Carter). All this keeps my imagination active and inspired as I prepare to write CotG: FUTURE SHOCK 2131. The GWF will continue to global pharmacy canada cialis go places it has never gone before!