One of the highlights of the Filsinger Games calendar has arrived.  Preorders for our holiday releases are now open!  And with that are some major announcements for all 3 product lines.  Check them out below or head right now to preorder at the Filsinger Games store.

One of the headliners for Legends Expansion Set XI is Native American legend Wahoo McDaniel.  McDaniel first made his name on the gridiron as a member of the AFL’s New York Jets and supplemented his football income with pro wrestling before transitioning full-time to the squared circle.  With a devastating chop he earned his reputation as one of the toughest men in the sport.  Although he wrestled in multiple territories, it was the Mid-Atlantic territory he perhaps had his most intense feuds, including against Johnny and Greg Valentine.  Will McDaniel get his revenge on Greg Valentine for breaking his leg and perhaps don a T-shirt of his own taunting Greg.  Wahoo McDaniel is just one of 10 cards in Legends Expansion Set XI!

That’s not all for Legends fans coming this holiday season.  There will also be a special edition card for legendary manager Oliver Humperdink.  Which wrestlers will join the “House of Humperdink” in your red?

While the early GWF features fluid rivalries between wrestlers with no real “heroes” or “villains,” there is one exception: Dorado Sundown. Blacklash and Bullwhip are two foul hombres out to take over the GWF right from the start. These two are willing to do anything to go straight to the top. This doesn’t sit well with Omega, who needs a tag team partner to stop them. Who’s willing (and able) to stand with him against two of the nastiest wrestlers to step foot in a ring? Find out in EARLY CLASSICS 2074-2075!  EARLY CLASSICS 2074-2075 is a 20 card game edition available on its own or as part of a starter set with game instructions and charts.

Finally for Indie wrestling fans we have the Women of the Indies 2023 8-card game edition.  This set will feature the Beautiful Velvet Sky!  Velvet is a multi-time singles and tag team champion and part of one of the most infamous factions in women’s wrestling.  Will she reform the group with Angelina Love and Madison Rayne in your indie promotion or seek out new teammates?

Legends Expansion XI, Oliver Humperdink SE card, Early Classics 2074-2075 and Women of the Indies 2023 are all available to preorder now in the Filsinger Games Store.  Games will ship by December 15th.  Get excited promoters!