Taylor Wilde has never been the typical wrestling diva, but instead has been a talented wrestler that fans have always gotten behind.  The Toronto born wrestler first appeared on National TV challenging one of the most imposing figures in Women’s wrestling and impossibly beating her for one of the most prized titles in the sport.  She also went on to win tag team titles with multiple partners, further demonstrating her versatility.  Taylor retired from the sport back in 2011, but made comeback 10 years later, much to the fans delight.  Recently Wilde’s personality has taken a dark turn and transformed herself with elements of witchcraft.  Which version of Wilde will make her presence in your promotion?
Taylor Wilde joins Kenzie Paige and Sandra Moone in the 8-card Women of the Indies 2023 set.  This set will be available for preorder on Black Friday November 24th along with Legends Expansion XI and Early Classics 2074-2075, and will ship in December.