Hailed for a time as wrestling’s number 1 draw, Antonino “Argentina” Rocca is arguably one of the more innovative legends in the sport. A trail-blazer in the art of high-flying, Rocca was an exciting barefooted performer that also excelled at that rarest of wrestling feats – he could draw. With a career that spanned the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, Rocca was a mainstay in the New York promotion that today is the biggest company globally. Rocca wasn’t a New York-only commodity, though. He spent time in Canada, Texas, Puerto Rico, and Japan. Rocca was a key figure during the explosion of televised wrestling in the 50s and helped usher in the sport’s “Golden Age”. In addition to Rocca’s incredible conditioning, flexibility, and innovation, he possessed a great sense of humor – something he utilized in and out of the ring. Antonino Rocca is a member of multiple halls of fame, and rightfully so. This unique legend joins the color ranks this March when Legends of Wrestling Expansion IX drops!

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