The last (but certainly not the least) name to announce for the Freelance Wrestling 12-pack is the man once known as Bryce Benjamin, now better known as B Ryce. He is one of the best kept secrets in Midwest wrestling, with a blend of high flying, technical and strike-based wrestling.

B Ryce is best known as one half of the former Freelance Wrestling champions The N Words, with Acid Jaz. The two came together in late 2014 and were immediate fan favorites, although they are far from squeeky clean baby faces. The duo beat the Four Star Heroes in the tournament finals to be the first Freelance tag team champions, before losing the belts to Beauty and the Beast early in 2016.

B Ryce’s card will be part of the Freelance Wrestling 12-pack that begins mailing on March 14. His tag partner Acid Jaz will have an updated card in the March Promoter Prime release, you can find his original in Chikara Tecnicos. The Promoter Prime card will be released by March 14 as a printable PDF and Online card. Those wishing to subscribe to Promoter Prime with printed cards will be able to do so later this week.

But for now the amazing Freelance Wrestling 12-pack is ready to order so don’t wait, go here!

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