The following story chronicles the 3 characters being released in Q2 2020 COTG Prime as part of The SURVIVORS. Badlands of Tarkania, Centra: A Prequel Story.  To read part 1 click HERE. Stay tuned for part 3 on May 25th.

Day 50

Bobby Lee sits alone on a couch of an unidentifiable military bunker wearing a thousand yard stare. Dead bodies of zombies the Survivors just killed lay at their feet.

Bobby Lee: I knew that guy. I knew that guy and I killed him.

Second Man: Who did you know?

Bobby Lee: [Pointing toward one of the zombie bodies] I played against him in high school. I hadn’t seen him in years. But I recognize the man. He went off to play ball somewhere else the same year I was drafted here.

Second Man: That was no man. That was a monster.

Thriller: That’s right man! And you tore his stinking head off like it was nothing! HA!

Bobby Lee finally breaks his thousand yard stare and fixates his gaze on Thriller.