The next wrestler that will be part of the 4th expansion of the Combat Zone Wrestling game is the Wrench Conor Claxton!

Claxton was trained by the CZW Dojo and first made his name as part of the Dojo Wars events, where he won the Tournament of Valor to be the first Medal of Valor champion.  A standout in the Dojo, Claxton sought out to be a full-time CZW roster member.  He caught the eye of the fan favorite stable the Nation of Intoxication, and following a trial series where he had to face every member of the Nation in their signature death match, he became a full fledged member of the group.

Conor Claxton has already made a splash on the CZW roster, making it to the finals of Tournament of Death and being a part of some of the Nation of Intoxication’s biggest matches.  Can Claxton realize his dream and capture CZW gold?  You can help decide when CZW 4 is released in late October!