Darius Carter is one of the bigger personalities you’ll find on the Tier 1 Wrestling roster.  He is a smart and wealthy business man and isn’t afraid to let everyone know just how superior he is in life and in the ring.  To prove his superiority he has initiated the Brass Ring Invitational to Tier 1, in which he invites anyone who wants to reach for the proverbial brass ring to meet him one on one and earn it!

On the first night of the challenge he defeated 2 men, and then the next time defeated EVOLVE standout Fred Yehi.  For his next Brass Ring Invitational on May 20th he meets Indy standout Tracy Williams.  Will he prevail and continue his way towards the Tier 1 Championship?  Who will accept the Brass Ring Invitational in your promotion?

Darius Carter is one of 6 cards in the Tier 1 Wrestling pack coming out this June.  Stay turned for further names in the set and info on how to preorder!