The next women in Legends Ladies 3 is an American wrestler, but was known almost exclusively for her work in Japan.  Debbie Malenko was trained by the legendary Boris Malenko in Florida, but soon after her training ventured to Japan to join the high profile women’s wrestling scene in that country.  Malenko saw a great deal of success winning the most prestigious women’s tag team championship in Japan and later one of the most renowned singles championships in Japan at the time.  Unfortunately her career was cut short at the time due to a serious leg injury which forced her to vacate the singles championship.  Now promoters can extend Debbie Malenko’s career in Legends and match her up against many of the top names in women’s wrestling including many she never had the chance to face in her prime.

Debbie Malenko joins the roster for the 8 card Legends Ladies 3 game expansion. Preorders for Legends Ladies 3, FUTURE SHOCK 2118 and Best of the Indies 2023 will go on sale Mid-March with a release date in April.