The pride of the Cape Cod Cycling Club are the newest entrants into the CHIKARA Young Lions pack! Jasper Tippins and Donald Klugger, better known as Dez Peloton, are one of the brightest new teams in the promotion.  The duo made their CHIKARA debut during the Tag Team Gauntlet at King of Trios 2016 and were immediate fan favorites.  The incorporate many of the cycling techniques into their tandem offense to the delight of the crowd.  Although they have yet to win CHIKARA gold, they did once challenge for Los Campeonatos De Parejas at Aniversario in season 18.  Will they climb the hill again in season 19 and finally reach the summit?

Dez Peloton join Xyberhawx 2000, Merlok, Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad 3 other CHIKARA wrestlers in the Young Lions 8-pack.  The game pack is available to preorder right now by clicking HERE. CHIKARA Young Lions will be released at the Season 19 premier in Philadelphia on Sunday January 28th, and will begin mailing on January 31st to the Chikarmy worldwide!