EVOLVE Champion Drew Galloway leads the roster for EVOLVE 2!

After last year’s monumental debut of EVOLVE in the Filsinger Games lineup of wrestling games, some may think it’d be hard to follow up on the great roster in the starter set. But EVOLVE 2 is going to come through! It’ll feature one big name that many fans are very familiar with— EVOLVE Champion Drew Galloway!

This Scottish born wrestler is a natural athlete, and performed in front of a mainstream wrestling audience at a young age. However, since debuting in 2014 in Evolve, his true wrestling abilities have really begun to shine. Galloway has had classic encounters with many members of the EVOLVE roster, and during his debut weekend won the EVOLVE championship from Chris Hero. He will head into the big WWN Live Experience Weekend in California in March as Champion, and aims to continue his winning ways in 2015!

But can he do it in YOUR EVOLVE game promotion? Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more information on the wrestlers available in EVOLVE 2 and the release date!