The final name in the Best of the Indies 2020 game edition is the Weapon of Sass Destruction himself…Effy!  On the eve of Pride month, we are proud to include of the most prominent voices for LGBTQ equality in wrestling in this latest indie game edition. Effy started his career in the Southeastern independents about 5 years ago, but in the past year has blossomed into one of the most popular wrestlers on the indies, due to his unique style in and out of the ring.  Clad in fishnets its easy to dismiss Effy’s in-ring skills, but he is a tough brawler that can go toe to toe with the best on the indie scene.  He has proven it by winning gold in various areas of the country, including being a reigning champion in Freelance and Inspire Pro.  Recently, he has also formed a tag team with another colorful character, Danhausen, as Gaytanic Panic.  Will Effy enter your indie promotion as a singles star or a tag team wrestler?  Its up to you promoter!

Effy joins Matthew Justice, Danhausen, Warhorse, Ace Austin, AJ Gray, Blake Christian and Alex Zayne in the Best of the Indies 2020 8-pack.  Best of the Indies 2020, Invasion 2090 and The Pitbulls Legends 2-Pack are all available now!  To order now CLICK HERE.