Look out it’s coming! An until-now secret look at GWF history from the time of the breaking of the Galactic Code to the present will be revealed!

GWF SECRET HISTORY: FEMALE WARRIORS is the first of what may become a series of sets that explore the hitherto unknown facets of the GWF’s glorious past.

You’ll see the first-ever female Gladiator who only appeared briefly before Brute and Massacre ended that experiment! Then there’s KESTRAL, the high-flying early Ani-Woman! And let us not forget the mysterious SHADOWESS!

There will be 6 cards released as a set along with a short flyer (cover is displayed) and 3 more cards with Promoter Prime. That’s 9 cards total, what excitement!

Watch for pre-order info and some specific character teasers in the weeks ahead. And get psyched— GWF SECRET HISTORY will be revealed!