Cycle 1 of 2024’s Filsinger Games Independent Wrestling game line begins with the 6th installment of the Best of The Indies, and in this edition the self-proclaimed “Big Daddy Thrill,” “The Thrillbilly” Silas Mason is the first name to be announced!

Mason, who checks in at “damn near 300 pounds,” is a brawling throwback to a by-gone era. He enters the ring to hard rock power riffs, often clad in black trunks with red and white accents, and when the bell rings, Mason displays a powerful, hard-hitting, and bruising style that rattles the ring. Mason began his wrestling career in 2015, but has seen some of his greatest success since joining a national promotion in 2022, where he has appeared regularly on national TV, held singles gold, and currently is part of a powerful three-man faction, that includes Kerry Morton. He also had his debut recently on the silver screen, Mason co-starred in a major motion picture, playing the role of Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy.

Best of The Indies 2024 is an eight-card expansion set featuring some of today’s top Indies wrestlers. Best of The Indies 2024, along with Champions of The Galaxy: Secret History, and Legends 2024 4-Pack will be available in March.