Greetings from Federation Headquarters!  Things may be crazy in the world, but we are as busy as ever at Fed HQ trying to bring some fun into everyone’s homes in these social distancing times.  We are hard at work on our end of May releases at this point. Please note that the late May release time is subject to change depending on the availability of our printing and shipping partners.  While we will make every effort to release the games on time, changing local regulations may unexpectedly interrupt our plans.  Now onto the releases.

GWF Invasion 2090 – The 4th classic GWF game edition gets colorized.  This 12 card set features the first character updates in the game and some unique new characters.  Teasers for this set will come out each Friday until late May starting this week.

Best of the Indies 2020 – 8 brand new indie wrestler cards featuring the hottest names on the Independent circuit today.  Play out many of the top independent wrestling main events that are unable to happen in real life right now.  Teasers for this set will come out each Wednesday until the end of May starting this week.

Legends of Wrestling 2-pack – Legends fans we haven’t forgotten about you.  A two pack of color Legends cards will be made available with our COTG and Indies releases.  Find out who when preorder becomes available in early May.

Promoter Prime Q2 Releases – Our Legends, Indies and COTG Prime releases for Q2 will all mail with the May releases.  Keep an eye out each Monday through late May for Promoter Prime announcements as we rotate between brands starting next Monday with Indies prime.

The theme of COTG Prime this quarter is…The SURVIVORS. Badlands of Tarkania, Centra: A Prequel Story.