The preorders for our newest game releases, Legendary Ladies 3, Best of the Indies 2023 and Future Shock 2118, as well as subscriptions to 2023 Promoter Prime, are available in the Filsinger Games shop. Headlining the Legendary Ladies 3 game edition is one of the most popular female wrestlers of all time.

Joanie Laurer is the latest name to be added to Legendary Ladies 3.  Laurer was trained by the legendary Killer Kowalski and was a physical specimen and a talented wrestler to boot.  She first came to prominence as a body guard in the biggest pro wrestling promotion in the world before reaching new heights as a wrestler.  She not only won prominent women’s championships but also competed against men and won one of the most prominent singles championships in the world.  Joanie Laurer had a big part in helping to usher a bigger spotlight on women’s wrestling that we know today.  Although the world lost her at a young age, her legacy will continue to be felt for years to come.


Also now available are subscriptions to Promoter Prime 2023.  Promoter Prime is available for Legends, Indies and COTG, with Tabletop printed cards, Filsinger Games Online and Combo options available.  Subscribers will receive 3 cards for each product line they subscribe to 4 times per year (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).  Here is what to look forward to in the first installment of Promoter Prime 2023:

  • Legends Prime features the debut of the wild man Nord the Barbarian, plus 2 anticipated alternate Legends personas.
  • Indies Prime features “Da Pope” Elijah Burke plus 2 other popular indie wrestlers debut cards.
  • COTG Prime features 3 exciting updates of characters in Future Shock: Centra Wrestling Federation to compliment the release of Future Shock 2118.

Preorder the 3 new game editions HERE.

To check out all of the Promoter Prime options for 2023 go HERE.

Legendary Ladies 3, Best of the Indies 2023 and Future Shock 2118 and the 1st installment of Promoter Prime will begin shipping in late April.