The next wrestler to join the Best of the Indies 2023 lineup is a 3rd Generation Wrestler Kerry Morton.  Kerry is the son of Legend Ricky Morton, but he is ready to show the world that he is more than just the son of legend.  Although Morton only started wrestling in 2020, its been his goal for a long time to make a career in wrestling like his father and grandfather, long time referee Paul Morton. Kerry has not gone the route of many wrestlers in playing football, but instead has focused on amateur wrestling, cheerleading and acting, which have all helped in preparation in becoming a pro wrestler.  Morton is only 21, but has already won one of the most prestigious Junior Heavyweight championships in the world. There is no telling just how much this Future Legend will accomplish in his career, but it is sure to be an amazing ride as he gets there.

Kerry Morton joins Richard Holliday, Alan Angels, Starboy Charlie and Titus Alexander in Best of the Indies 2023, an 8 card expansion set featuring the best names in independent wrestling today. Preorders for Best of the Indies 2023, FUTURE SHOCK 2118, Legendary Ladies 3 and Promoter Prime 2023 will go on sale Friday March 24th with a release date in April.