The second wrestler to join the Best of The Indies 2024 is an Italian born junior heavyweight that is making heavyweight waves in the most renowned Indies promotion in Japan, Francesco Akira! The 24-year-old, eight-year veteran is currently in his third junior heavyweight tag team title reign in the most prestigious Japanese wrestling promotion with fellow Filsinger Games Indies Wrestling game member TJP.

This high flier has wrestled all of the world, winning multiple singles and tag team titles during his time as a pro, including a singles junior-heavyweight crown for a different prominent Japanese wrestling promotion. Whether you decide to team him with TJP or have him challenge the top singles junior heavyweight in your Indies promotion, the choice is truly up to you!

Francesco Akira joins “The Thrillbilly” Silas Mason and Hoodfoot in the Best of The Indies 2024, an eight-card set featuring some of the top names in Indies wrestling today! Preorders for the Best of The Indies 2024, Legends of Wrestling 2024 Special Edition 4-Pack, and GWF: Secret History will begin March 1 with an anticipated March shipping date!