Hey gang!

Hope your dice rolling is as action-packed as ever! I know for me it is as I continue playing my COTG ORIGINS 2139 game fed to say nothing of my LEGENDS fed which I play with two friends. It’s cool how this game can be so flexible and enjoyable to play alone as with others. But you already knew that!

There’s a lot going on at Fed HQ and we get so busy sometimes that we don’t communicate enough with loyal promoters. So here I am to do it!

First, we talked about a mobile app we were working on for Champions of the Galaxy and after over a year of work I decided to pull the plug on the project. It was getting unwieldy. With hundreds of characters and tons of back story I thought it was going to be too confusing and not workable for the direction we were going. So it’s back to the drawing board on that. If we do a COTG mobile app I want it to be just right. The goal is still there but we need a new approach. Will keep you updated if/when something comes along.

We have been so busy at Fed HQ (and spoiling our incredible fans) that lately we needed to slow down a little. We were planning a Cauliflower Alley Club card release this fall but only wound up releasing one CAC game card. The fact is that I didn’t want to rush a CAC release. We love and appreciate the support of Brian Blair and the CAC and will plan a special release in 2024! My advice is that you try to attend next year’s annual Reunion. They are a blast!

We had a COTG spinoff called FTR scheduled for fall release but the creative team didn’t feel ready and we didn’t want to rush a subpar release so we decided to put FTR on the shelf for now. Legends and Indies Prime were also released later than we preferred but it is my understanding they will begin arriving in Promoters mailboxes next week so get psyched!

Here’s the good news: We are replacing the FTR cards in COTG Prime with more GWF cards coming in December!  I really think that the cards I created for Cycle 2 for ORIGINS 2139 were enjoyable and the new cards will be as well.  These new GWF cards will be sent to subscribers the same time as our planned cycle 4 COTG Prime release.  COTG Prime subscribers will get a double shipment in December as a result!

We are hoping our loyal fans understand these occasional issues. The fact is in real life they are unavoidable. We just happened to have several at one time, luck of the draw I guess. You know how that works with dice rolls. Sometimes you roll snake eyes a few times in a row and it drives you crazy!

Here’s the good news: This holiday season will be awesome! We will be releasing the long-awaited EARLY CLASSICS Introductory Box Set and it will be special! That’s 20 new game cards with card art by Darryl Banks! I am working with Mike Melesky on this release and I am excited to see the early history of my game ideas played out!  LEGENDS XI is also being released, along with another of our WOMEN OF THE INDIES sets!  We have three COTG Prime cards ready that tie directly into 2074-75.  We’ll also have the three additional GWF cards released at that time, plus three more cards for Legends Prime and Indies Prime in December as well.  If I’m counting correctly, that makes over 50 cards.  What a haul! Santa Wolf will be busy!

Then there’s 2024 and I’m going to tease with some sneak previews:

Mark your calendar for Saturday, January 27th, which is the date for the 2024 Filsinger Games Perennial.  Watch for more details right after the New Year!

I’ve got a lot on my plate and couldn’t be happier. I have created eight new game cards as a spin-off COTG release. Card art is finished. Not sure how to package it yet, either as a stand-alone game edition or separately as three or four card sets for Promoter Prime. Stay tuned, they will be released in 2024.

The next official edition following ORIGINS 2139 will be a curve ball that is unhittable. It’s impossible to guess but you can try! I won’t say anything more but the ideas keep coming to me. After writing 50+ game editions for over three decades I am not about to start repeating myself.  You have been warned!

On top of that I am in the early stages of another top-secret project that I guess I shouldn’t even be talking about until it’s further along, so let’s leave it at that. My goal is a 2024 release.

And it just now occurred to me that a game fan asked me the status of the update to the Dark Menace of the Universe book that shook the literary world! My goal is a release in 2025 to mark the 20th anniversary of the original, which makes sense to me. I write Dark Menace books in 20 year increments. Watch for another one in 2045!

Last but certainly not least is one of the biggest events of 2024—the return of GALACTICON to Jamestown, New York! This is monumental and the biggest and most amazing GALACTICON of all time, which is tough to pull off with the great ones of the past! It’ll be the 35th anniversary of GALACTICON and returning to its spiritual home! We are planning for the weekend of June 28-30 so clear your calendar in a big way for those dates! It’ll be a reunion the likes of which the world, no, the galaxy, has ever seen!

So there you have it! With 36 years of success and the wind (no hurricane!) at our backs we are bigger and stronger than ever! The key is YOU are there with us and YOU are the backbone of what we do. We’re doing our best to listen to you and promise to improve our communications to you about release dates and other news going forward.  Filsinger Games is basically a fan-run business and that’s unusual in today’s world. But we know how to have fun and we know that our community is the best game community in the galaxy!

Until Bloody Marry opens a bridal shop…