Reed Bentley grew up a humble kid from Kentucky and has evolved into a staple of Midwest wrestling.  He considers himself a hybrid wrestler, fighting in both traditional and deathmatch style matches, and winning championships in both divisions as well.  Bentley is also a proficient tag team wrestler, forming the tag team The Rejects with John Wayne Murdok.  The duo has teamed for almost 10 years and have won multiple tag team championships.  Recently they have feuded and had a series of deathmatches with Los Macizos.  Will these two teams rekindle their feud in your fed?

Reed Bentley joins Mickie Knuckles, Sawyer Wreck, Big F’N Joe, Akira, Miedo Extremo and Ciclope in the 8 card Indies Death match 2023 game edition. Preorders are now available and cards will ship any day now.  To preorder to to the Filsinger Game Store.