A member of one of the most storied families in pro wrestling, Afa Jr will be part of Legends Prime 2023.  Following in the footsteps of his father, uncle and brothers, Afa Jr. started wrestling at a young age and was a big part of this family’s promotion in Pennsylvania.  He did eventually get signed to the largest wrestling promotion in the world and made his debut in 2007.  He later on joined a stable featuring second and third generation stars.  Afa Jr is proud of his Samoan heritage, but will he look to band together with other Samoan wrestlers or go off on his own in your fed?

Afa Jr is part of the 3rd cycle of Legends Prime 2023 and will be shipping to subscribers shortly.  To subscribe to Promoter Prime please go to the Promoter Prime section of the Filsinger Games store.  Also available now to preorder are the Legends card for Bob Cook and Best of the Indies deathmatch 2023, available in the New Releases section of the Filsinger Games store.