In just a few years Sawyer Wreck has worked as many different places as possible across the United States and has become a very recognizable name, and one that found where she belongs in the world of the deathmatch. Standing at a very imposing six-foot two, Wreck can dish out the damage and is called “The Matriarch of Mayhem.” Wreck wants to show she’s the toughest and doesn’t care if it’s a man or woman across from her or what special type of deathmatch they are in.

Sawyer Wreck joins Mickie Knuckles, Big F’N Joe, Akira, Miedo Extremo and Ciclope in the 8 card Indies Death match 2023 game edition. Preorders are now available and cards will ship in late October.  To preorder to to the Filsinger Game Store.