Diamond Dallas Page, the three-time (three-time, three-time) World Heavyweight champion is the newest name to be announced for the TNT HOF V set!  DDP was the 2014 recipient of the Frank Gotch Award which is given to a professional wrestler who brings positive recognition to professional wrestling through work outside of the ring.


Page will be looking to reignite some of his classic feuds with Curt Hennig, Randy Savage, and more LWF stars! He popularized the DIAMOND CUTTER, which he can hit out of nowhere. Which legends will feel the BANG!? Find out when Diamond Dallas Page joins Gary Albright in the TNT HOF V set!


The Tragos and Thesz Set V will be available this summer. Pre-orders for all three summer releases will start in two weeks!  The new games will have a special prerelease at GalactiCon 35 in Jamestown, NY on June 28-30 and will begin mailing in July to all customers.