In an unexpected turn of events the Basilisk has turned against his greatest supporter Shayne! But why? Who has led the Basilisk astray?

The answer will stun you! A clue: it is a newcomer. And the identity of the newcomer will send shock waves through the GWF!

The new feud pitting the Basilisk against Shayne will drag two teams into the melee! Freedom Fighter, Zulfiqar, and Scorn (Shayne’s Posse) will enter the fray! But will they be overmatched against one of the most mind-blowing new teams ever seen in the GWF? It has to be seen to be believed.

The new Champions of the Galaxy expansion is due for release in early July along with Legends Tragos and Thesz Set V and the latest Indie game release. Pre-orders for all three summer releases will start in two weeks!  The new games will have a special pre-release at GalactiCon 35 in Jamestown, NY on June 28-30 and will begin mailing in July to all customers.

Champions of the Galaxy has been going strong for over 35 years and it’ll get wilder than ever this summer! Don’t miss it!