Good God Almighty, the Tragos and Thesz Hall of Fame Set 4 lineup just went to a new level with the inclusion of the 2022 Gordon Solie Award winner Jim Ross!  Jim Ross is one of the, if not the most, prominent pro wrestling announcer in history.  The Oklahoma native began his broadcasting career as a play by play announcer for one of the most prominent wrestling territories in the south, before a company merger put him on a national stage.  In 1993 he joined the largest pro wrestling company in the world and eventually became their lead announcer during wrestling’s most popular time in history.  His iconic calls and catch phrases have endeared him to countless fans. TNT Set 4 is sure to be a Slobber Knocker!

Jim Ross joins Wilbur Snyder and Boris Malenko in the Tragos and Thesz Hall of Fame Set 4 expansion set that will debut July 21st at GalactiCon in Waterloo, IA along with GWF Origins 2139 and Impact Pro Wrestling 2. Games will begin mailing in late July.