The final card in the Indies Deathmatch 2023 game addition is Australian Deathmatch specialist Joel Bateman.  Known as “The Smash Hit” Bateman is an Aboriginal from Australia, and the founder and promoter for Australia’s Premier Deathmatch promotion.  A junior heavyweight who wrestled more of a strong style than high flying style, he has shined since focusing on hardcore and deathmatch wrestling. He has held the top deathmatch championships in Australia and New Zealand, as well as winning Australi’a top deathmatch tournament.  In Bateman’s US debut he defeated Reed Bentley to win a major American Deathmatch championship.

Joel Bateman joins Mickie Knuckles, Sawyer Wreck, Big F’N Joe, Akira, Reed Bentley, Miedo Extremo and Ciclope in the 8 card Indies Death match 2023 game edition. Preorders are now available and cards will ship any day now.  To preorder to to the Filsinger Game Store.

To complement the latest Indies Deathmatch expansion pack, the 3rd cycle of Indies Prime 2023 includes 3 more game cards to fill out your deathmatch roster.  Terra Calaway and Kennedi Copeland give you two additional deathmatch focused women wrestlers. Additionally there is a card for deathmatch legend Markus Crane. To subscribe to Promoter Prime please go to the Promoter Prime section of the Filsinger Games store.