The newest addition to the Legends Expansion Set IV lineup is one of the meanest villains the sport of pro wrestling has ever seen, Killer Kowalski!  Kowalski started his career as a fan favorite, but came to be best known as a vicious heel.  A major TV attraction in the 1950’s, Kowaski was just as known in Japan and Canada as he was in the US.  Kowalski is known for his Kowalski Claw and his Bombs Away knee drop.  The later move was responsible for Kowalski’s opponent losing his ear an one of the most infamous moments in wrestling history!  Will you book Killer Kowalski against former opponents like Bobo Brazil and Buddy Rogers, or will you have him face more recent day tough guys like The Sandman and Shane Douglas?

Killer Kowalski joins Shane Douglas, Sandman, Justin Credible, Al Snow and Ox Baker in the 10 card Legends Expansion Set 4.  This game edition and Special Edition cards for Francine and Bill Alfonso will debut July 13th at GalactiCon in the Philadelphia area!  The game will begin mailing to customers by July 22nd.  These games and the latest Champions of the Galaxy game edition GWF Sudden Death 2135 are available to preorder right now!