Federation Headquarters has been quiet since our December releases, but don’t think that we haven’t been busy behind the scenes.  We have big plans for 2020 and wanted to share with everyone whats in store!

This year we will have 5 game release dates, in March, May, July, September and December.  The great news for all fans is that each product line (COTG, Legends and Indies) will have a release during each of these 5 periods.  These releases could be either full game editions or special edition packs.  Also, Promoter prime will make a return in 2020, with the same format as the past 2 years, with different options for COTG, Legends and Indies.  These cards will mail quarterly with the March, May, September and December releases.

Kicking off the year we have 3 exciting game editions debuting in March.

  • Legends Ladies 2 – A followup to the Legendary Ladies game pack that debuted in 2019.  8 more ladies are ready to enter your Legends promotion, featuring some familiar names as well as multiple new names to the Filsinger Games universe.
  • Best of Mexico – The most requested Best of set from Indies fans, this 8 card set features some of the most exciting and unique wrestlers on the Lucha scene today.
  • Future Shock Centra 2116 – The followup to the popular Future Shock storyline written by Mike Melesky.  This set brings 10 new names into the CWF and answers a number of the big questions left over after reading 2115…while also providing even more questions to ponder!

Teasers for all 3 game editions will start next Monday January 27th and continue through to the game release in March!