Here comes the newest rookie signed by Lance At-Las.  MATT ATTRACTION might be the most exciting wrestler in the CWF.  He throws his own body around the ring with almost reckless disregard for his own health!

While MATT ATTRACTION has always been a fan of wrestling, something happened to him that changed his life forever and steered him to the CWF.  It’s the secret to his success, but it’s also his greatest weakness.  Will he be able to harness his special abilities and win gold?

Find out in FUTURE SHOCK 2118, the 4th installment of the Future Shock series, coming this spring. Future Shock: Centra Wrestling Federation 2118 is the latest release in our Champions of the Galaxy product line and will continue the exciting story of wrestlers from an alternate GWF timeline finding a new home in Centra.  MATT ATTRACTION will be one of 12 cards in the upcoming set, along with 3 Future Shock cards that are part of the first installment of Champions of the Galaxy Prime.  That’s 15 total cards to enhance your CWF!

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Legendary Ladies 3, Best of the Indies 2023 and Future Shock 2118 and the 1st installment of Promoter Prime will begin shipping in late April.