There is no denying that the EVOLVE wrestler who has grown the most over the past 2 years has been Matt Riddle.  So it is only fitting that the King of Bros himself gets an updated playing card in the newest EVOLVE expansion set.

Riddle has continued to grow his wrestling repertoire, including adding his patented Bro-mission, and his wrestling accolades.  After joining the Catch Point stable, he won the 2016 Style Battle tournament.  He continued his winning ways, but continued to come up short in his attempts to win the EVOLVE title.  However he did win the tournament to crown the inaugural WWN Live Championship in Orlando in 2017.  He held the title for over 6 months and is sure to taste gold in an EVOLVE ring again soon enough.

Matt Riddle will join Austin Theory, Dominic Garrini, and 5 other wrestlers in EVOLVE 5.  The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in New Orleans in April and will mail out to Filsinger Games fans worldwide soon thereafter. Get indie promotion ready to EVOLVE!