Coming in late September Filsinger Games will releasing a special 4 pack of wrestlers for the Legends of Wrestling card and dice game.  These 4 wrestlers competed in a number of territories, but each have a tie to the Pacific Northwestern area of the United States.  Individual teasers for the 4 names in the set will begin next Friday August 27th.  Preorders for this 4-pack along with the 2021 Indies Deathmatch set and Future Shock: Centra Wrestling Federation 2117 will begin on Friday September 10th.

Our September releases will mail out at the end of the month along with Quarter 3 of Promoter Prime 2021.  Filsinger Games promoters voted for the 3 game cards they wanted to include in Legends Prime Q3 on our official discussion board.  The results of these polls were hidden and the cards will be surprises for promoters when they receive their orders next month!