It’s getting closer.
The incredible new commemorative Champions of the Galaxy starter set will be released soon and it’ll be a wild celebration!
Making sure to crash the party is newcomer ORRUS THE UNSTOPPABLE. Who is this guy?
All that’s known is that GODSEND has cloaked a planet (Merapis) behind an invisibility shield and will be the setting for this incredible cascade of GWF superstars! GODSEND wants to have these matches and see who wins (although after the events of Origins 2136) it’s not clear he’ll be able to!).
ORRUS is warning all the GWF legends: “This is MY planet and I’m the champion!” How will ORRUS fare against superstars of the GWF? And what is his deadly secret that will be unveiled in the years ahead?
It’s all coming soon! We at Fed HQ are busy wrapping up our incredible new releases and we can’t wait to play either!
Be sure to pre-order NOW so you don’t have to wait an extra second to play the incredible game releases coming soon!