Overkill is Coming to the CWF and that spells trouble for….. wait a minute.  How did Overkill get to the CWF?  Was he in Dimension Y all along?  Did the portal to Dimension K finally reopen?

Overkill’s arrival brings with it all those questions plus many more.  How does another Aethran (in addition to Minister of War and Mayhem Unleashed) impact Splatter’s status and the cohesiveness of the Future Shock team?  Is Overkill even on the same page as the Future Shock Gladiators?  Questions on top of questions!  The only way to find out the answers is to order FUTURE SHOCK 2117, coming this fall!

Preorders for FUTURE SHOCK 2117, Indies Deathmatch 2021 and the Legends 2021 Special Edition 4-pack will start on September 10.