Weighing in at 271… excuse me, a slim, trim 217 pounds, “Playboy” Buddy Rose leads the charge for the Pacific Northwest-based 4-pack coming this fall! Rose made an undeniable and indelible mark in the Pacific Northwest territory. He was famous for his brutal and intense feuds with the likes of Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper, at one point setting the latter’s kilt on fire. Rose was a formidable opponent whose in-ring skill was matched only by his arrogance, whether in tag action, going it along, or heading his own “Army”. A true legend of the region, Rose also had famous stints in the Minneapolis area and the Northeast. Other Legends alum he’s shared the squared circle with include Harley Race, The Sheepherders, and Curt Hennig.

Add Buddy Rose to your Legends fed when the Pacific Northwest themed 4-pack goes on pre-order on September 10th!