“The Different Boy” Jimmy Lloyd is coming to Filsinger Games as a part of the Indies Deathmatch set this Fall! Lloyd fits the bill perfectly as a former CZW Tournament of Death winner and champion in various hardcore promotions, including GCW. Of course, Jimmy’s hardcore pedigree shouldn’t be a slight on his skills in the squared circle when there’s nary a glass pane or strand of barbed wire in sight. Lloyd is an accomplished competitor in any circumstance, and he’s shared the ring with the likes of Tony Deppen, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, Lee Moriarty, and set mate Alex Colon, to name a few.

Only 22 years old, Lloyd has already made quite the impact on the indies, and you won’t want to miss your chance to add him to your roster when the Indies Deathmatch set goes up for pre-order on September 10th.