The latest GWF saga is here and look out – an enraged MONOLITH has returned to action with fire in his eyes! He seeks bloody revenge for his attempted murder. Meanwhile the Aethran Overmaster has recruited a bodyguard, THE LEVELER, to help keep MONOLITH at bay. He’s also formed a new team called the COUNCIL OF WAR. Who are the members? But there’s more! Vampire hunters HELSIN and SCORN will debut as they target Coven Black and Black’s new “girlfriend,” MISTRESS OF DARKNESS! Is that enough yet? How about Hector “creating” yet another Legend for his team, none other than STAR WARRIOR! But why is Bishop Hell so ticked off? And why do fans absolutely despise the new STAR WARRIOR right out of the gate? There’s also incredible newcomer PSI (wait till you see what he can do!) and finally a playing card for ABROZ AND DIALECTAS!