This December marks the 5th installment of the Women of the Indies game line.  Kicking off the set is the “Subspace Sweetheart” Sandra Moone.  Decked out in her trademark goggles, the Las Vegas native has made a name for herself on the West Coast indies, but has branched out to other high profile matches throughout the country and even recently completed her first tour of Japan.  Moon has won some championships, and made the tournament finals of a few prestigious West Coast women’s tournaments.  Sandra also doesn’t shy away from mixing it up in intergender matches.  Moone’s star is continuing to rise and you are sure to see even more of her on the national stage soon.

The 8-card Women of the Indies set will be available for preorder on Black Friday November 24th along with Legends Expansion XI and Early Classics 2074-2075, and will ship in December.