As announced by Wiggy on the last episode of THE VIEW podcast ( the next duo to join the CZW roster are the “Partying Pillager” Lucky tHURTeen and the “Notorious Scumbag” Devon Moore.  This duo joins “The Deathmatch Drunkard” Danny Havoc in forming the Nation of Intoxication.

The Nation is known for their hard partying ways out of the ring and their vicious brawling style inside the ring.  While most known for their performances in deathmatches, Lucky and Devon are also known for their abilities in traditional wrestling matches as well.  The trio also co-held the CZW tag team titles at one point, defending them as a group.  Will they look to do that again?


What crude behavior and brutal matches will the Nation of Intoxication bring to your CZW fed?  You will find out starting in late February when CZW Set 3 is released!


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