The last man to join the CHIKARA Young Lions game pack is the current Young Lions Cup Champion, the Whisper.  The mysterious man made his debut during secret season 17, lurking in the shadows and holding secrets against Princess Kimberlee that caused her to leave CHIKARA.  He made his in-ring debut during the Young Lions Cup tournament at National Pro Wrestling day 2017 and made it to the finals.

The Whisper made a big transformation after Chikarasauraus Rex where he abducted Ophidian and took over his identity.  The Whisper wanted to prove to Ophidian that he could do more with the snake style power than the original Ophidian ever could.  He won the Rey de Voladores at King of Trios and captured the Young Lions Cup in October from Razerhawk. Him and an impostor Amasis have also reformed the Osirian Portal and captured 3 points and a tag title shot.  But now it seems the original Ophidan has donned the gear of 17 and will face the Whisper to kick off season 19.  Who will prevail in this unique matchup?

The Whisper joins Xyberhawx 2000, Dez Peloton, Merlok, Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad 3 other CHIKARA wrestlers in the Young Lions 8-pack.  The game pack is available to preorder right now by clicking HERE. CHIKARA Young Lions will begin mailing on January 31st to the Chikarmy worldwide!